The AnarchoHacker Manifesto

The AnarchoHacker Manifesto

Sunday 31 January 2016 > Español

We are hackers, we are anarchists, we are curious.

We like to know how things work. We like to invent, modify and improve technologies like any other hacker. We do it without the aim of money. As hackers we do it for knowledge and to satisfy our curiosity, and we decided to use it in a way to build a better world.

Most of us also were rebels in school, and probably got in trouble a few times. We grew up and saw the system as the enemy. We were welcomed into regular hacker groups but we though they had a limited political education and were still parroting the system’s propaganda. The rest of the hackers we knew thought we were crazy joining street protests and reading Bakunin and other political theorists. But while we were in the Seattle, Genoa and Toronto revolts already learning who is the real enemy of liberty and freedom, we noticed it is not just the government, but also capitalism, the church, racism, nationalism, patriotism, imperialism, patriarchy, etc that are enemies.

With time we became the first hacktivists and formed hacker collectives of anarchist values like consensus making, direct democracy, horizontal organisation, federated and or decentralized decision making models. We wrote security tools with the aim of helping dissenters all over the world and in our own countries.

We thought that it was not enough so we created online fronts of hacktivists, some of which are still growing today, and participated in their actions. We also found a lack of political experience with the new comers so we decided to put some aim in education and work on a critical mindset.

We are tired of being victims without a fight, we are tired of having skills without putting them to good use, and for us good use is not to work for you and your dogs. Now that we have evolved and matured we are now full scale revolutionaries.

You are afraid of us. You use your media to invent more propaganda to terrorise our brothers and sisters all over the world, lying about freedom fighters, making us look like the enemy, but this time it’s different.

This time we are legion. Some people do not even know yet but they will. Our barricades are not just in electronic form, and be assured that we have more skills than any of your "for-profit" dogs you may have persuaded to work for you. Also be sure that some of us work for you and then against you.

We do not send information to your media dogs about our actions, we keep them to ourselves, you know who we are, you know we are less than willing to become popular and this is what scares you. We are serious in taking your system down brick by brick from the inside and the outside and we have succeeded for the last 10-15 years, remember how did you suffered in Seattle? How scared you were in Toronto? When Mastercard was down you almost cried, and we can tell you those actions are nothing in comparison to what we are working on.

We AnarchoHackers even won the respect we used to lack with our fellow revolutionaries in the streets, we used to speak of how information must be free and that those who owned the information had the power and so we must decentralize that power, they used to be very sceptical about us, not their fault, while they were all reading about the 1930’s strategies we AnarchoHAckers also read cyberpunk, 1984, and such books that gave us a vision of the future, and made a direct link with Political Theory, our ideals and the new world that is not coming but is already here, so the future is now, we envision all digital forms of resistance, and use them to show the world that we can win many battles and more, for this we decided not to divide our self from our anarchist comrades but join everyone, we do not conform on just one front, we take people to the streets and bring to the electronic world activists that could not have done so before increasing our numbers! Diversity of Tacticts and Diversity of fronts!

We think that every individual who, in the current state of affairs, preaches on the ballot box to choose a legislative authority or an executive authority is wasting his time and inflating a horrible capitalist system, we rather contribute towards a new world with a spirit based on anarchist values for this most of us believe in a diversity of strategies, not just working in the shadows of the internet darknets but also in the street with other revolutionaries of all sorts, using a diverse array of actions depending on what each of us thinks is necessary at that moment and time, all working on what we do best.

We are idealists, we write, we love, we build, we create,

  • We enmancipate, we share and we fight oppression in any forme.
  • And of course, we hack.

a(A)a Anon Anarchist Action and other member of Anonymous and other collectives that rather be keep hidden participated in the creation of this manifesto that in no means is yet finish.

There is not one in one hundred, and yet they exist. The majority of the Spanish, you know why. But, in Spain, they are not understood. The Anarchists.

They have all gathered some clout and some stones. They have their heart in front of them and their dreams in the middle. Also, their souls have been sapped by their damned ideas.

There is not one in one hundred, and yet they exist. The majority of them are sons of noting or sons of so little that they are only noticed when they are feared. The Anarchists.

They are dead ten hundred times for that stone and why? With fists of love-on the table or on nothing. With relentlessness they make the blood pour. They stuck so hard, they could not strike again.

There is not one in one hundred, and yet they exist. And if we must begin by a kick in the ass, one must not forget that it descends into the streets.

The anarchists. They have a black flag at half-mast on melancholy hope that they drag through life, some knives to cut the bread of friendship, and some rusted weapons so they do not forget.

There is not one in one in one hundred, and yet they exist. They stand arm in arm in joy. And for this, they are always standing. The Anarchists.

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