Radio Vendetta - The ZAD needs all our support

Radio Vendetta - The ZAD needs all our support

Radio Vendetta - ZAD Fight for Anarchism - There is no Identify only Movement.

25 June 2018 00:00

The ZAD, place of experiment and resistance - Welcome to France.

The ZAD (Zone A Défendre; zone to defend) of Notre-Dame des Landes is a zone where the struggle in all its forms coexists with ways of life and aesthetics that go beyond Western European social norms. The respect for mutual differences goes together with the organization, internal conflicts with the struggle against the state and against the “blue 4 villains”.

Other forms of collective cooperation, of art, creation, resistance, feminism, transgenderism, justice… are developed here. Some opponents describe it as a penetrated form of individualistic anarchism. Yet it is about the collective creation of a place that rejects evidently proposed standards. Getting out of an all-encompassing organization would make us individualists? Beautiful insult of capitalists.

  • Should it be purely individualists, how do you explain that the Zadists continue to survive under the attacks of gendarmes?
  • How do you explain their willingness to negotiate with the government about a collective agreement for this precarious occupation?
  • How can you explain that they only want a collective agreement with the French state?

In addition to producing food and artisan utensils, these residents try to combat capitalism unarmed.

They attack the pillars of capitalism: employment, money, property, capital and the forms of oppression necessary to maintain the specific social ultra-liberal form of organization in which we live. This is an inspiring example, connected with other competitions on the international stage such as the Zapatistas of Mexico and the democratic confederalism of Rojava.

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