Squad 303 - Messages sent to millions in Russia

Squad 303 - Messages sent to millions in Russia

Friday 1 April 2022

We the people of the world have a message to the Russian nation.

A nation that is to pay a huge price because of the shameful decision of the dictator Putin to attack an independent Ukraine by armed forces. The joint action of all the states of the free world, as a response to Russia’s aggression, will lead to the collapse of the entire country.

However, nearly 150 million Russians do not know the truth about the causes or course of the war in Ukraine. It is fed with the lies of the Kremlin propaganda. There is no free media in Russia and the internet is censored.

It is possible for each of us to convey a direct message to the inhabitants of this enslaved country. Squad303 gives you a tool that allows you to send text messages from your phones directly to randomly selected Russians.

Let them know the truth. Let them know the power of the free world!

  • We are Anonymous.
  • We are Legion.
  • We do not forgive.
  • We do not forget.
  • Expect US!

Bypassing Digital Iron Curtain, Activists Message Millions in Russia.

The Kremlin’s clampdown on news of the war in Ukraine has hackers and volunteers from around the world are sending messages directly to Russian citizens’ phones to keep them informed.

— Matt Dibble - voanews.com

Send messages to Russians and ask them to open their eyes to the war unfolding!

The website 1920.in, developed by Squad303, allows anyone anywhere in the world to message cellphones and email addresses of random Russian individuals and companies.

Send SMS, Email, Whatsapp (1920.in)

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We stand with Ukraine

The Russian government’s attack on Ukraine has put millions of innocent lives in danger. We stand with Ukraine to support their freedom and to defend democracy. If you wish to support Ukraine and its people in their time of need, please consider donating to the Red Cross.

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