Anonymous #OpRussia - Press Release

Anonymous #OpRussia - Press Release

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Greetings citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, we declared cyberwar against Government of Russia and to man himself, Vladimir Putin.

It has indeed had some effect on them, but now we’ll have to prepare for the last push. He isn’t giving up on taking over Ukraine. We must hit them so hard, that it’ll paralyze their whole system. Putin cannot end the war in Ukraine until he has annexed it, or he is forced to. And NATO and EU won’t be the ones stopping it.

  • We have seen that already.
  • So now, we must act.
  • We must stop this war by any means necessary.

10 years ago, Time listed "Anonymous" as one of the "100 most influential people" in the world. Now, we are bigger and stronger than ever before. We must show our true power to Russian government and their president Vladimir Putin. We must unite or else there might be a day that it’s too late to do it. Putin must be stopped, or else we’ll suffer the consequences.

Anons all over the world, hackers, activists - journalists, all over the world must unite.

  • All of you, everyday people must also unite.
  • We as one, can decide what will our destiny be like.
  • We are the ones who own our lives, let’s not forget that.
  • Do not let anyone to cause you suffering that you do not deserve.
  • Stand up against your oppressor, we will, as one.
  • We will stand with you through the journey, from dusk ’till dawn. Decide your destiny!

This is a message from Anonymous, GhostSec, SHDWSec and Squad303, Operation Russia, the Anonymous Collective of the cyber warriors from across the planet: on March 15th, 2022, we call upon our brothers and sisters to join forces! Let’s hit them with everything we got!

We will not stop until Ukraine is free!

  • We are Anonymous.
  • We are Legion.
  • We do not forgive.
  • We do not forget.
  • Expect us.

People around the world are using a new website to circumvent the Kremlin’s propaganda machine by sending individual messages about the war in Ukraine to random people in Russia.

The website was developed by a group of Polish programmers who obtained some 20 million cellphone numbers and close to 140 million email addresses owned by Russian individuals and companies. The site randomly generates numbers and addresses from those databases and allows anyone anywhere in the world to message them, with the option of using a pre-drafted message in Russian that calls on people to bypass President Vladimir Putin’s censorship of the media.

Since it was launched on March 6, thousands of people across the globe, including many in the U.S., have used the site to send millions of messages in Russian, footage from the war, or images of Western media coverage documenting Russia’s assault on civilians, according to Squad303, as the group that wrote the tool calls itself.

The initiative is one among a number of efforts, mainly by Western media organizations and governments, that are trying to puncture the tight controls Mr. Putin’s government has imposed within Russia on reporting about the conflict, which Russian media are banned from describing as a war.

“Our aim was to break through Putin’s digital wall of censorship and make sure that Russian people are not totally cut off from the world and the reality of what Russia is doing in Ukraine,” a spokesman for Poland-based Squad303 said.

The spokesman, a programmer who asked not to be identified, likened the effort to such Cold War-era projects as the U.S.-funded Radio Free Europe, which beamed radio programs in several languages across the Iron Curtain. Nearly seven million text messages and two million emails have been sent using the website since it was created a week ago, he said.

The name of the group derives from a British air force unit made up of Polish pilots famed for their contribution in the battle against Nazi Germany. The website they created,, is a reference to the Soviet-Polish war of 1920 in which outnumbered Polish forces fended off a Soviet invasion.

— The Wall Street Journal

Send messages to Russians and ask them to open their eyes to the war unfolding!

The website, developed by a group of Polish programmers known as Squad303, allows anyone anywhere in the world to message cellphones and email addresses of random Russian individuals and companies.

Send SMS, Email, Whatsapp (

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