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How Belarus Weaponized Refugees And The Failure Of The EU

Following the stolen 2020 Belarusian presidential election and the deterioration of the Belarus–European Union relations, a refugee crisis broke out on the Poland-Belarus (...)

17 November 2021
Poland's Dystopian Anti-Abortion Law Leads To Death And Nationwide Protests

Tens of thousands of protesters marched through several Polish cities and towns on November 6, holding banners reading 'not one more' after a woman, named Izabela, in her 22nd (...)

9 November 2021
Ethiopia's "Existential War": Government Orders Citizens To Prepare For Final Stand

Ethiopia declared a six-month state of emergency on Tuesday, November 2nd, after the People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel forces from Tigray announced that they were gaining (...)

7 November 2021
Mass Protests Across Sudan Against Coup D'etat

Millions of people took to the streets across the globe and Sudan on Saturday, October 30th in the largest pro-democracy protest yet since the authoritarian military coup (...)

31 October 2021
Interpol lifts Restrictions on Syria; Normalizes Relations With Assad Regime

Interpol has moved forward to normalize its relations to the Assad regime, which has engaged in organ trafficking, mass murder, and crimes against humanity. The move to allow (...)

26 October 2021
Coup d'etat and internet shut down in Sudan

Several government officials were detained by military forces carrying out a coup d'etat on Monday. Those detained include Industry Minister Ibrahim al-Sheikh, Information (...)

25 October 2021
Data of Over 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Allegedly Leaked & Sold, According To Report

The alleged data is being sold on one of the most popular hacking-related forums online. The data contains the usernames, emails, phone numbers, location, sex, and ID of (...)

4 October 2021
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down

A global outage is being reported across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp on Monday. The cause of the problem was not immediately clear. The website DownDetector reports that (...)

4 October 2021
Internet Blackout And Crimes Against Humanity In Myanmar

Myanmar has been under extreme duress since the China-backed military, known as the Tatmadaw, overthrew the democratically elected government on February 1. The criminal coup (...)

26 September 2021

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Anonymous Press release #OpBlitzkrieg

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