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Refugees Illegally Being Expelled Into The Jungle By Mexico And US

The people which the Mexican government is expelling include Central American families and unaccompanied children, who were initially deported and dumped in Mexico by the (...)

14 September
Ex-Chad Dictator Hissène Habré Dead In Senegal

The former dictator of Chad (from June 1982 to December 1990), Hissène Habré, has died in a Senegal prison due to COVID19. Human rights and justice groups have been asking for (...)

24 August
Human Rights Defender Xu Zhiyong Charged With "Subversion"

On February 15, 2020, China's authorities in Guangzhou arrested human rights defender Xu Zhiyong for promoting human rights in Fujian province and calling for top government (...)

23 August
Food Aid To Run Out For Ethiopia's Tigray This Week, 900,000 Facing Starvation

According to Samantha Power, the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), food will run out this week for millions of people facing famine in Ethiopia. (...)

21 August
Ending Impunity in Myanmar: How The NUG Can Bring The Junta To The ICC

A new report by the human rights defense group Fortify Rights finds that the National Unity Government can delegate jurisdiction to the International Criminal Court in The (...)

20 August
COVID19 Surging In Myanmar's Prisons, Thanks To The Junta

Myanmar’s Covid-19 crisis is ripping through the country's most marginalized populations, including those in the country’s prisons. The junta's mass arrests correspond with a (...)

20 August
Protestors Take To The Streets As The Taliban Struggles To Govern

While the Taliban may have successfully taken over the country through a serious of military victories and mostly bribery, it now has to govern over a country that faces (...)

20 August
Afghanistan's Valley Of Resistance

Afghan opposition leaders have regrouped in Afghanistan's last holdout against the Taliban. They have currently gathered in the Panjshir Valley and are surrounded by Taliban (...)

19 August
Haiti Earthquake Death Toll Continues To Grow And How You Can Help

The death toll from a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti climbed to at least 1,419. The earthquake also left at least 6,900 people injured with thousands more displaced from (...)

17 August

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Martin Gottesfeld - Hunger Strike In Jail

Martin Gottesfeld - Hunger Strike In Jail

Imprisoned human rights activist and alleged Anonymous hacker. Martin Gottesfeld, 32, is a human rights advocate and Senior Systems Engineer (...)

RISK a documentary at the heart of WikiLeaks

RISK a documentary at the heart of WikiLeaks

“Risk” the new documentary by Laura Poitras (video interview). At Cannes in the Directors’ Fortnight, the documentary by Laura Poitras was screened (...)

Anon.UK Radio - Matt DeHart's attorney Tor Ekeland

Anon.UK Radio - Matt DeHart’s attorney Tor Ekeland

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Paris, we love you

Paris, we love you

France embodies everything religious zealots everywhere hate. Enjoyment of life here on earth in a myriad little ways: A fragrant cup of (...)

Justice for Jeremy Hammond

Justice for Jeremy Hammond

All of Jeremy Hammond’s co-defendants stand to serve far less time than the maximum time mandated by the non-cooperating plea deal Jeremy agreed (...)

Matt DeHart - Official Christmas Letter from prison

Matt DeHart - Official Christmas Letter from prison

Hio, This is actually my first official Christmas letter, which means i’m getting old... Not that i look down on getting old or anything. I do (...)


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