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Secure mail service Tutanota is best known for focusing on privacy and security.

  • With its built-in encryption of the entire mailbox and address book, Tutanota poses a true privacy-friendly alternative to mainstream services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Tutanota is already being used by millions of people around the world who understand that normal emails are like postcards that can be read and analyzed easily - not just by Secret Services and malicious attackers, but also by the email services themselves who scan people’s data to post targeted advertisements.

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Best of backdoor fails in recent history.

Backdoors to encryption - whether built-in by the companies themselves or discovered as vulnerabilities - can have severe consequences. To demonstrate that encryption (...)

21 September
Encrypted emails are constantly rising: 66% of Tutanota emails are end-to-end encrypted

Email encryption - a term barely known ten years ago - is becoming mainstream thanks to automatically encrypted services like Tutanota. We welcome this development as it makes (...)

16 September
Let’s celebrate seven years of open source!

We are happy to celebrate seven years of open source with you! Seven years ago, we have published the Tutanota web client as open source. We believe that open source, (...)

2 September
Australia: Unprecedented surveillance bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours.

The Australian government has been moving towards a surveillance state for some years already. Now they are putting the nail in the coffin with an unprecedented surveillance (...)

31 August
The Microsoft database hack shows that data stored in the cloud must always be encrypted end-to-end.

Security specialist company Wiz discovered a vulnerability in the Microsoft Azure infrastructure that enabled them to access, modify and delete data of thousands of Azure (...)

29 August
How the free web fuels conspiracy theories.

Automated ad displays enable shady players on the web not only display their content to targeted audiences, it even helps them make money and build a whole business based on (...)

24 August
Rotten Apples: iOS 15, personal privacy, and the on-going fight against CSAM.

This fall, Apple is planning to release iOS 15 which will begin scanning your devices and iCloud for known images depicting the sexual abuse of minors. Apple is attempting to (...)

10 August
Online services may (and do) scan all of your messages. Here is how you can protect yourself!

Beginning of July, the European Parliament has adopted a derogation for the ePrivacy regulation that allows companies to scan all private messages of all EU citizens, (...)

27 July
Whitelabel your secure Tutanota mailbox for business use.

Tutanota enables you to whitelabel its secure email service for your business easily. With Tutanota's comprehensive whitelabel customizations, your business can host all (...)

26 July

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