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Secure mail service Tutanota is best known for focusing on privacy and security.

  • With its built-in encryption of the entire mailbox and address book, Tutanota poses a true privacy-friendly alternative to mainstream services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Tutanota is already being used by millions of people around the world who understand that normal emails are like postcards that can be read and analyzed easily - not just by Secret Services and malicious attackers, but also by the email services themselves who scan people’s data to post targeted advertisements.

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Google Analytics declared illegal in the EU.

Max Schrems, the lawyer who successfully sued Facebook for privacy violations against European citizens, has scored another victory, this time against Google: In a landmark (...)

19 January
What is end-to-end encryption and why it matters.

When communicating online, your data travels the web making it easy for all kinds of eavesdroppers - whether it being state agencies, malicious attackers, or just nosy people (...)

11 January
Germany: Data retention to be abolished once and for all.

Finally, the new German government wants to change the German data retention regulation so that it complies with European and German constitutional privacy rights. Any storage (...)

29 December 2021
How we fought an anti encryption law in Belgium - and won!

Oftentimes when governments announce plans to weaken citizens' privacy rights for the sake of 'security', the public outcry is loud and clear: If you weaken (...)

21 December 2021
Say ’Merry Christmas’ with Tutanota gift cards!

The holiday season is starting and we have the perfect gift idea for you: Tutanota! You can easily give privacy by purchasing Tutanota gift cards for your family and friends. (...)

16 December 2021
MI6 chief warns that quantum computing leads to increased security threats.

MI6 chief Moore warned in a public speech that the digital attack surface that criminals, terrorists and hostile states seek to exploit against us is growing exponentially due (...)

14 December 2021
Germany: New government plans ’right to encryption’.

The coalition contract of the new German government (SPD, Grüne, FDP) satisfies a lot of expectations by digital rights activists. A 'right to encryption', 'a right (...)

3 December 2021
A "Clear Name Internet" is a dangerous place: Why anonymity matters.

Social media platforms like Facebook and oftentimes also politicians want people to use the internet with their real name. The idea: A 'Clear Name Internet' would (...)

1 December 2021
Tutao turns 10!

Ten years ago we have started our journey to create the most secure email service. In ten years we have grown our company from three to fifteen employees and - more (...)

25 November 2021

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