The internet is in great danger #StopACTA2

The internet is in great danger #StopACTA2

Wednesday 16 January 2019 > français

We are Anonymous. The internet is in great danger.

  • Call to action! 19th of January!

Soon important websites will be censored. Our free communication should be suppressed. We can only do something about it if we work together now get up. We have to prevent ACTA2. If we have nothing are our fundamental rights to freedom of expression and information nothing more valuable. Then these criminal governments have achieved their goal.

So get up and join us.

On the 19th of January we will be in major European cities to put the European Parliament in its place. Our fundamental rights are inviolable. We are waiting for you at the World Clock. Only together can we achieve something.

  • Anonymous is waiting for you.
  • We are many. We will not give up.
  • We are Anonymous.

What is ACTA2?

#ACTA2 is the name of the Copyright Directive on the single digital market.

This Directive is known by many hashtags in the internet – here are some of them: #StopACTA2, #CopyrightDirective, #SaveYourInternet, #SaveTheInternet, #Article11, #Article13, #UploadFilters, #LinkTax, #Filternet, #ACTA2.

We call it the #ACTA2 because it’s not about helping creators with the copyright law problem it only uses the copyright subject as an excuse to control content of the internet. The information that you post and you recieve.

The copyright problem subject is just a way to finance the building of the censorship infrastructure and a way to push the legislation true the European Parliament – to fool the MEP’s that they are doing the right thing.

ACTA2 is dangerous – As a directive it gives precedence for future censorship of information in the European internet. Today it’s copyrights. Tomorrow it will be political correctness, radicalism and in the end, every other point of view. ACTA2 is the beggining of the Orwellian world.

Official website # StopACTA 2

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