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The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) is a free software project under The Tor Project which aims to empower decentralized efforts in increasing transparency of internet censorship around the world.

  • By running ooniprobe, you can collect data that can serve as evidence of internet censorship since it shows how, when, where, and by whom it is implemented.
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Job Opening: Mobile Developer for OONI Probe

Are you a mobile developer interested in defending human rights on the internet? We have a job opening for you! The OONI team (a non-profit fighting internet censorship, (...)

17 September
Italy blocks Gutenberg book publishing website

Cases of internet censorship (that affect public interest) are rarely reported in Europe. Yet, www.gutenberg.org, a book-publishing website run by a non-profit organization, (...)

10 September
No Access: LGBTIQ Website Censorship in Six Countries

Today, in collaboration with OutRight Action International and the Citizen Lab, we are excited to share our new research report, “No Access: LGBTIQ Website Censorship in Six (...)

31 August
Zambia: Social media blocked amid 2021 general elections

Recently, on 12th August 2021, general elections were held in Zambia, during which access to popular online social media platforms was reportedly blocked. In this report, we (...)

24 August
A brief introduction to OONI

This is gentle introduction to OONI that does not require readers to have a technical background. If you are familiar with how the Internet works and how it can be censored (...)

20 July
OONI Partner Training 2021

Image: 1st OONI Partner Training, 28th-30th June 2021 Image: 2nd OONI Partner Training, 5th-7th July 2021 Over the last week, we had the pleasure to host two 3-day OONI (...)

7 July
Media censorship in Azerbaijan through the lens of network measurement

Key Findings Introduction Methods OONI network measurement Acknowledgement of limitations Background Network landscape and internet penetration Legal environment Internet (...)

2 July
Making the OONI Probe Android app more resilient

We recently made OONI Probe Android more robust against accidental or deliberate blocking of our backend services. Specifically, we implemented support for specifying a proxy (...)

27 May
Myanmar: Data on internet blocks and internet outages following military coup

On 1st February 2021, the military in Myanmar carried out a coup d’etat, seizing power and detaining the country’s State Counsellor (equivalent to a prime minister) and other (...)

9 March

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Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor Hack

Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor Hack

Today I pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This was a very difficult decision. I hope this statement will (...)

Justice for Reality Leigh Winner

Justice for Reality Leigh Winner

TVUH Global - Reality Leigh Winner wasn’t one to break the rules. Always a straight-A student, driven to learn on her own eventually working in (...)

[CCC] The Invisible Committee

[CCC] The Invisible Committee

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Debian Linux founder Ian Murdock dead

Debian Linux founder Ian Murdock dead

Debian mourns the passing of Ian Murdock. With a heavy heart Debian mourns the passing of Ian Murdock, stalwart proponent of Free Open Source (...)

Mail to Jail at CCCamp 2019

Mail to Jail at CCCamp 2019

Chaos Communication Camp 2019 - Ziegeleipark Mildenberg August, 21ST - 25TH. This years #CCCamp2019 as the 2018 Chaos Communication Congress (...)

Statement concerning the arrest of Dmitry Bogatov

Statement concerning the arrest of Dmitry Bogatov

Debian Press Release: The Debian Project is concerned to hear that one of our members, Dmitry Bogatov, has been arrested by Russian authorities. (...)


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