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There are those who find themselves incarcerated and those who teach and minister to those who are incarcerated. I have been a loyal reader and follower of Chris Hedges who has written for Truthdig for many years. He is a man with an uncanny sense for the truth and a wisdom that captures the times. He and his wife teach in the prison system.

In one of Hedges’ latest articles “The Mirage of Justice,” commenting on the documentary Making a Murderer, I find the hopelessness of a corrupted system that continues to grind up the non guilty along with the guilty exhibiting a merciless and unabated hunger to destroy where one side is unaccountable for vicious behavior and the other side is complicit.

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Blessed are the peacemakers

In Jesus’ sermon on the mount, specifically the beatitudes found in Matthew chapter 5 vs. 3-12, blessings are poured upon those who are peacemakers and “they shall be called the (...)

24 July
Every day provides an opportunity

Practically every day, I find, that someone needs a word of cheer while others may need much more. Burdens are real and we live in extremely challenging times. When many are (...)

17 July
Give them feet

Today, I heard a sermon about the power of prayer. I believe it is a powerful weapon in our arsenal against evil. Many people discount prayer; but, I have seen prayer’s power (...)

20 June
What Jesus DID NOT say

Matthew 5:1-12. And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain and when was seated His disciples came to Him. Then He opened His mouth and taught them saying: Blessed are (...)

20 June
Defying discouragement

When I look around and I see the cruelty and the inconceivable apathy of those in my small and greater community, I want to shut down and avoid people all together. The Covid (...)

5 June
Social democracy and the real follower of Jesus

Eugene Debs on the Real Religion of Jesus BYEUGENE DEBS In December 1914, socialist leader Eugene V. Debs sent a Christmas letter to a man in a Michigan prison. We reprint the (...)

26 December 2020
Who rushes to murder?

I asked myself this question when Brandon Bernard was murdered by the State on December 10th. Why murder? “Premeditation and aforethought with malice” is one of the definitions. (...)

13 December 2020
We have a chance to make a difference in the chaos

Okay, let’s face it. This year is quickly coming to a close and yet not quite fast enough it seems. Yes, we have cowards, fleecers and cruel people running the government. We (...)

11 December 2020

Perhaps you have had a tragedy in your life that has been so deeply traumatizing you can’t put it to words. Oh, maybe you could; but, unless that someone has experienced what (...)

12 July 2020

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