Free Jeremy Hammond # AnonNews

Official Website Free Jeremy Hammond. The Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee is a coalition of family members, activists, lawyers, and other supporters who are working together to protect free speech and to support Jeremy Hammond. The committee’s goal is to provide information to the public and the press, to organize events related to Jeremy’s case, and to support Jeremy while he is in jail.

Jeremy Hammond: Reflections from the SHU, Part 2

Part 2 of new writing from Jeremy about his experience in the segregated housing unit, or SHU, at FCI Manchester

7 October 2016
Jeremy Hammond: Reflections from the SHU, Part 1

New writing from Jeremy about his experience in the segregated housing unit, or SHU, at FCI Manchester

3 October 2016
New pictures of Jeremy!

New pictures of Jeremy Hammond and comrades from June of 2016

10 July 2016
Welcome home, Jason Hammond!

Jeremy's brother, Jason Hammond, has been released from prison!

19 April 2016
‘Bring Your Cat To Stratfor Day’ Spreads Awareness Of Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond’s Birthday

Jeremy Hammond, the Anonymous hacktivist imprisoned for leaking thousands of emails from a corporate intelligence agency to WikiLeaks, turned 31 on January (...)

23 January 2016
Buy a shirt to celebrate Jeremy Hammond’s birthday!

ProxyProphet is donating 100% of shirt-purchase proceeds to Jeremy Hammond's fund; get yours today!

7 January 2016
New year, new pictures of Jeremy!

New photos of Jeremy Hammond! Happy 2016!

4 January 2016
Reject #OpIsis and the Co-Opting of Anonymous

"As someone who hacked with Anonymous and marched against the war in Iraq, I completely oppose #OpISIS and any attempts to co-opt our movement into supporting the government’s (...)

10 December 2015
Jeremy still in the SHU, now under investigation

Jeremy is currently being held in SHU without charge and with no firm end date in sight.

25 August 2015

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We stand with Ukraine

The Russian government’s attack on Ukraine has put millions of innocent lives in danger. We stand with Ukraine to support their freedom and to defend democracy. If you wish to support Ukraine and its people in their time of need, please consider donating to the Red Cross.

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