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The Army and Anonymous. Matt DeHart administered a server associated with the Tor hidden service known as the Shell Onion, providing anonymous shell accounts. While monitoring the server in 2009, he came across an unencrypted file containing an FBI investigation in illegal CIA activities. Whilst he deleted that file, there was also an encrypted file of the same size and name on another server that he says was headed for WikiLeaks.

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“Enemies of the State”: New film on Matt DeHart

The film, produced by veteran documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, is a study in how to investigate the truth in a complex story of competing (...)

30 July
Update: Matt DeHart’s release and conditions

Matt is in a transitional program with a scheduled release date to Leann and Paul's home on October 3rd, 2019. In some ways the hardest part of his ordeal is yet to (...)

29 July 2019
Matt DeHart launches legal challenge against sentence extension

Habeas motion filed in the Eastern District of Kentucky, contesting multiple infringements of Matt's due process rights

20 July 2018
BOP rejects Matt DeHart’s appeal to reinstate time-served

BOP's response fails to explain the lack of due process; now that Matt has exhausted all administrative avenues for redress, he will challenge the arbitrary decision in (...)

24 April 2018
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23 April 2018
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23 April 2018
Hundreds sign petition to restore Matt DeHart’s time served credit

More than 500 people signed a petition calling for the BOP to restore Matt's credit for the time he served in a Canadian prison before his US (...)

15 March 2018
Leann DeHart: birthday visitation

Paul and Leann, Matt DeHart's parents, got to visit their son for seven hours on 11 June 2016, his fifth birthday in prison

14 June 2016
Matt DeHart turns 32 on 11 June: show your support!

Send Matt a card or letter for his birthday, and read his mother Leann DeHart's post about getting to visit Matt last month

7 June 2016

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