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Anonymous is not an organization nor a group. Anonymous is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof. If you want to be Anonymous, you are already in. EVERYONE and ANYONE can be Anonymous: spread truth, share any post, video or tweet regarding Anonymous or its operations. Just remember, always stay anonymous, do not show your face or reveal your identity, for this is the power of Anonymous.

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Anonymous Operation Jane

Anonymous #OperationJane Greetings Citizens of the World. This is a message from Anonymous Operation Jane. Texas Senate Bill 8 is one of the most restrictive and extreme (...)

5 September
“Enemies of the State” documentary on Matt DeHart

IMDb: Enemies of the State The Guardian: the twisty story behind Enemies of the State “Enemies of the State”: New film on Matt DeHart. An average American family becomes (...)

24 August
Higinio Ochoa on hacker culture

The Tefo Mohapi Show / iAfrikan Radio - Higinio Ochoa. 01:25 - What is hacker culture? 15:14 - How Higinio got started with computing and hacking. 01:25 - 20:40 - Involvement (...)

6 March 2020
Rojava : The war has started

Declaration of the Internationalist Commune: The war has started! We call to RiseUp, to defend Rojava. A few hours ago the fascist Turkish state started its occupation (...)

10 October 2019
Matt DeHart is free

Leann DeHart organizing this fundraiser Humanity not commodity by Leann DeHart October 3rd 2019: Matt DeHart has been freed from federal prison after serving 2740 day. Matt (...)

7 October 2019
We stand in solidarity with Jeremy Hammond

Jeremy Hammond Jail Support - Donations to his commissary fund are also appreciated. This fund will help support whistleblower Jeremy Hammond while he serves his 10-year (...)

16 September 2019
Anonymous Operation Amazonia engaged

Press release Anonymous OpAmazonia. Greetings World, We are Anonymous. The Amazon rain forest is on fire. The fires that are consuming the rain forest are not natural because (...)

3 September 2019
Mail to Jail at CCCamp 2019

Campaign to support arrested Anons # We Are FreeAnons Chaos Communication Camp (#CCC) - The Event - 2019 Wiki Chaos Communication Camp 2019 - Ziegeleipark Mildenberg August, (...)

12 August 2019
There is no official Anonymous account

Anonymous is decentralized, there is no official Anonymous account. There are many hidden places where Anons operate as well. Anonymous does not have an official website or (...)

4 August 2019

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The Redhack leak - Turkey Isis oil trade

The Redhack leak - Turkey Isis oil trade

WikiLeaks - Berat’s Box: email cache proves Turkish oil minister’s links to Isis oil trade. Monday 5 December 2016, WikiLeaks has released an (...)

Twitter CensorShip #BloodskyFriday

Twitter CensorShip #BloodskyFriday

Fallen comrades on #BloodskyFriday Hello Twitzler, You may not mind to explain why those account(s) is suspended by you. If you suspended those (...)

Lauri Love statement on property ruling

Lauri Love statement on property ruling

District Judge Margot Coleman has ruled that computers seized by the NCA in 2013 should not be returned to British Finnish computer scientist (...)

Anonymous - We can be Heroes

Anonymous - We can be Heroes

The Anonymous Solidarity Network exists to provide legal, financial and moral support for activists facing prosecution for involvement, alleged (...)

Anonymity and Privacy - First lesson taught on OnionIRC

Anonymity and Privacy - First lesson taught on OnionIRC

The official transcript of the first lesson taught on OnionIRC. On this date, 24/04/2016, approximately 250 users came together to learn to (...)

Security Alert: Sextortion is on the rise

Security Alert: Sextortion is on the rise

Security Alert: Lucrative Scam of Sextortion Is on the Rise. January 21, 2019. The latest report from cybersecurity company Symantec shows that (...)


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