Anonymous Operation FreeAnons

Anonymous Operation FreeAnons

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Greetings Legion.

As the global revolution continues to gain steam, remember our brothers and sisters who have lost their freedom because of unjust laws. Right now, they are going to need our support more than ever, the police state and federal aggressors are going to use their trials to try to teach Anonymous a “lesson”.

Those arrested; our family, our supporters, we have not forgotten you. We walk along side all of you in silent anonymity, we watch from a distance wanting to cry out and embrace you, we thank you. This war they wage on our freedoms, upon our finances, upon our very being is intensifying. Anonymous will always support our family. We realize those arrested are captives of a broken dismantled corrupt slighted system that only serves elitist agendas.

We realize that our brethren are going to be made examples of; to show the world how “powerful” the broken judicial system is. We understand the pain and suffering and the plight of those arrested worldwide, and we will continue to support their needs in the best way we can.

In this war against oppression and corruption, the governments of the world will use every tactic available to dismantle and obliterate our cause. At every step, they have failed thus far. If the broken governments of the world win against our brothers and sisters in court because of their digital personas, it will be a dark day for freedom loving people the world over. We cannot let them win even this round, because we represent freedom, we represent the oppressed, and we represent the truth.

Brothers and sisters of Anonymous awaiting trial, we salute you. We raise the masts of every vessel in our waters in solidarity and vigilance for what you are up against.
Anons, please donate to the legal funds of all of those arrested, they indeed are at an epic milestone within this war being waged upon us all.

  • We are Anonymous.
  • We are Legion.
  • We do not Forgive,
  • We do not forget,
  • Expect us.

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