Anonymous Operation 13 #SaveYourInternet

Anonymous Operation 13 #SaveYourInternet

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Anonymous - Operation 13 (Article 13 / Uploadfilter) #Op13 #SaveYourInternet #Article13 #EU.

Hello World, we are Anonymous.

With overshadowing unease we are observing the deformation of copyright coming from the EU parliament. The so-called Article 13, which was unified agreed upon by EU states, Commission and Parlament on the 13th of February, is threatening the freedom of the internet.

The articles 4b and 4c contained in Article 13 could bring birth to the feared upload filter. This would lead to a massive limitation of uploads on media-sharing websites like YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. This includes the use and circulation of Memes.

We already achieved the aversion of a similar problem in 2012, ACTA.

We protested on the web as well as in the streets. The final decision regarding Article 13 will be made mid-April 2019. We cannot rest without showing the EU parliament what it means to steal the freedom of the internet.

The loose collective Anonymous won’t be standing still, choosing to drop its cloak of the silent observer. Censorship of the free internet is one step too far.

Anonymous will be supporting the protests on the web as well as the marching on the 23rd of March.

The coalition ’Save your Internet’ provides every information on the topic, including dates for demonstrations. There you will find all the representatives with whom you can share your worries about Article 13.

  • Together we have to be loud!
  • Together we have to fight for the freedom of the internet!
  • Together we have to shelve Article 13!

Make the demonstrations on the 23rd of March massive.

As we, the internet, are the very last, strong instance to fight for our rights. All important information is found in the description.

  • We are Anonymous.
  • We are Legion.
  • We do not forgive.
  • We do not forget.
  • Expect us!

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